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Encaustiflex 22"x30"Sheets Heavy Weight (5 Sheet Pack)

Encaustiflex 22"x30"Sheets Heavy Weight (5 Sheet Pack)


Very Absorbent. When painted has the heft of vinyl with the choice of a soft "kozo"-like textured side and smoother side. Full sheets perfect for painting, printmaking and sculptural applications.A medium weight perfect for general use, like good quality printmaking paper. The surface is consistent and has slightly woven character. It is highly absorbent and holds a lot of paint but remains flexible. If wrinkled, it can be ironed on a low setting. It may be used wet or dry in printmaking applications. It may be sewn after printing and painting without tearing. Great for Encaustic monoprinting and surface painting. May be run through a traditional press before or after Encaustic application. Can also be run through a digital printer before or after Encaustic application*. *Use "archival matte" settings and have a stiff piece of card-stock behind the sheet when loading or use flat bed feeder.

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