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Encaustiflex , developed by fine artist Leslie Giuliani, is a microfiber material similar to paper that absorbs encaustic paint beautifully, yet remains physically flexible after painting. It is rip-proof. It comes in a variety of weights and can be put through your computer’s ink jet printer prior to painting. The prints do not smear when painted-a great way to start a painting or monoprint.


      What does this mean for artists?


  • Encaustic paintings and prints can be freed from the constriction of “rigid substrate”.

  • Paintings or prints accidentally bent or deformed may be flattened by re-application of heat without change to the original painting.

  • Predictable absorption makes monoprinting with encaustic more controllable.

  • Artists can now hand or machine sew their encaustic paintings without fear of tearing-great for book artists.

  • Artists may hang their paper-like encaustic paintings on walls with magnets-no framing/stabilization needed to prevent cracking

  • Paintings and prints may be cut to shape and wrapped around armatures for durable, sculptural work.

  • Paintings and prints may be stapled, nailed and otherwise perforated without tearing.

  • Paint a portable, durable mural.

  •  Run your encaustic painting through a traditional printmaking press just like paper

  •  If it gets wrinkled or folded in storage before painting, just iron it with steam.  Good as new! 


  •  Paint or soak with watercolorbefore, to tone, or afterfor batik-like effect  (dry before painting)

  • Great for most types of painting, printmaking and drawing and as a base for needle felting

  • Perfect absorbent material for Suminagashi Marbling


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